Track Cycling – What It Means For The Region

Track Cycling has been around since at least 1870, and Sacramento used to have its own velodrome. Similar to Track and Field meets, velodrome races offer spectators and racers a wide variety of events.

The Sacramento velodrome and cycling center will have a direct impact on thousands of lives.  The Sacramento Valley has an active, rich, and vibrant cycling community, with avid cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The velodrome and cycling center will serve as a gateway for many new cyclists, and through well managed outreach and vibrant youth programs, thousands of youth can discover a life-long passion for the sport of cycling. The velodrome and cycling center will also serve as a gathering place for current cyclists to come and share their passion for cycling through training and competition.  The velodrome and cycling center will also make Sacramento a destination choice for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts, and make Sacramento part of the core of U.S. cycling.

The Sacramento Velodrome will also have an economic impact on the greater Sacramento area through its programs, and national and international level events bringing thousands of people to the area each year. Local businesses will directly benefit from the influx of cycling enthusiasts and participants from around the world.

Cyclists of all ages will use the Sacremento velodrome and cycling center.  Specifically track cyclists use velodromes, but bicycle racers of all disciplines use velodromes for training purposes.  The velodrome will have specific programs for novices of all ages, as well as programs integrated with local schools to introduce youth to the sport.  Low cost or free bike rentals will be available to ensure access for all. Friends, family, cycling enthusiasts, and cycling fans will attend events as spectators.