an image of a Velodrome

Welcome to the new SVVA website. The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. So what have we been up to lately? We expanded our board, we expanded our project, we expanded our website, and we expanded our thinking.

Our current Board of Directors is now at 11 members, and includes decades of experience in real estate development, finance, IT, marketing, law, education, business, and bicycling. Check out the bios of all our current board members here.

We want our project to serve the entire Northern California cycling community. To that end in addition to a world-class velodrome we’ve added a Super-cross BMX track, a cyclocross course, criterium course, pump track, and a BMX skills course. Stantec’s Action Sports Group gave life to our vision and you can check our concept images here. Our original site at the Granite Regional Park may or may not accommodate the expanded project, and that is one of the issues we’ve been discussing and will continue to address in the next few months. The new velodrome and bike park will be an irresistible draw for cyclists of all ages, skill levels, and interests.

Our new concept deserved a new look therefore with the help of Uptown Studios we’ve revamped our website to provide more content, more functionality, and more fun. We will endeavor to provide information on a regular basis and keep our continued support base up to date. We will also be seeking your input so stay tuned.

We have had some exciting things happen over the past few months including a meeting with Frank Banta, one of the owners and builders of the Boulder Valley Velodrome. Frank flew to Sacramento to meet with the SVVA, and to offer invaluable guidance on what it takes to actually build a velodrome since he did it! Frank’s passion for track cycling inspired us, and his expertise in building his velodrome significantly advanced our cause.

Please check back as we’ll be posting information on upcoming events and fundraisers.