noun: velodrome, plural: velodromes An oval cycle-racing track; typically with steep banked curves.
Sacramento is cycling, it’s who we are!

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A Velodrome is either an indoor or outdoor fitness venue for track cycling events, training and more. It provides opportunities for youth development, adult bicycle education, and competition. As part of the Sacramento Bicycle Park, a velodrome will generate tourist activity and host other recreational events to promote fitness and health in the Sacramento Valley.

Our track will be a 250-meter, Olympic quality velodrome that will host local, state, and national competitions. It would offer a safe, car-free area for cyclists to train and race on and learn the different cycling disciplines offered. With local, statewide, and national races held at the park all year long, the velodrome would draw thousands of overnight stays in local hotels as well as local restaurants.

The velodrome will be open to the public daily with after-school youth programs and serve as a vibrant asset for the greater Sacramento community. Cycling has produced some of America’s greatest athletes and a velodrome is an ideal way for people of all ages to experience the thrill of cycling in a controlled and safe environment and develop cycling safety and performance skills.

Northern California has a very strong, vibrant, and diverse population of cyclists. From casual city cruising to racing on the road, track, cyclocross, BMX, and mountain biking, our region is one of the most active bicycling communities in the country. With over 100 cycling teams in Northern and Central California, the region represents all cycling disciplines from beginning racers all the way up to professional racers that participate in the Amgen Tour of California and Tour de France.

Our goal is to build a state of the art bike park with an Olympic quality velodrome for the Sacramento area that everyone can use. The bicycle park will create opportunities for:

  • Youth sports and programs
  • Recreation, competition and entertainment
  • Health and fitness

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