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Top Sponsor: Vincent Sterne – Two Rivers Cider Company

Vincent and Dino

Hello Race Fans! The 5th Annual Sacramento Beer Week presented by the Northern California Brewers Guild is in full swing so I thought it would be a good idea to highlight our current #1 sponsor, Vincent Sterne, owner and operator of the Two Rivers Cider Company.

I met Vincent in the early nineties while I was working my way through music school. We worked together at the Rubicon Brewing Company, he was already a celebrity bartender while I was a lowly dishwasher.  I vaguely remember Vincent inviting me to go on a fat tire Thanksgiving ride he was organizing and thinking “why would I go out of my way to ride my bike on a holiday?” haha!

I finished my AA degree at Sacramento City College and moved off to the big city to pursue my music career. Vincent went on to found Two Rivers in 1996 and will be celebrating 18 years of making great hard cider this year. Vincent’s operation was a one man show for the first decade in business but now he has a handful of employees and his 2000 square foot production facility has been running at capacity for the past few years.

Vincent is now an icon in the Sacramento craft brew scene and a Midtown celebrity thanks partly to his annual charity event the Appetite Enhancement Thanksgiving Day Fat Tire Bike Ride. The yearly event attracts between 500-1000 riders and is more of a bicycle parade than a charity ride. It is hands down the largest and most diverse group of riders you will ever meet  in the Sacramento area with choppers, cruisers, tandems, BMXers, lowriders, a giant turkey, a four wheeled drum bike, and even the occasional road machine.

This is where we come in. Vincent got word early on that I was trying to gain community interest in building a velodrome in Sacramento and came to me eager to support our cause. The Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association has been a benefactor of this event for the past three years, giving us enough cash to continue with our outreach efforts and gain the support of our City Council and the City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation. Without the support of Vincent Sterne and the Two Rivers Cider Company our project might still be a great idea scribbled on a bar napkin, just one of a thousand vapordromes scattered about the country.

For those of you that enjoy the slow food movement, the farm to fork, small locally owned businesses, the craft beer scene, or our awesome local cycling community, please show your support of the Two Rivers Cider Company by giving their hard cider a try this week!

Click on this link to find out when and where, and tell ‘em Dino sent you!!!

2013 Turkey Ride poster by Bill Plympton 2013 Turkey Day shenanigans!

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  1. Michael

    Yay for Vince!!!! Thanks for the support!

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