Oct 14

Savage Sprints at Hot Italian-Season 2

The dates:

October 23, November 6 and 20, December 4 and 18
Holiday Break
January 8 and 22, February 5 and 19

Remember this is a fun and low key “race” (excuse to party) to raise awareness for our velodrome project. We are putting on a show for the community and local government.

We are doing pre-registration and results this year through TimeYourRace. We get asked all the time, “What can I do to help get our velodrome built?” Well here you go. It’s a flat rate of 10 bucks (we are eating the service charges) to pre-reg and will save us 10-20 hours in online busy work per event. Ten bucks is as low as we could go to make the system work so I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. This little exercise will go a long way toward showing the community and local governments that we are serious and organized. We will be giving any left-over spots away on race day on a first come–first served basis beginning at 4pm. Day-of registration will close at 4:30…NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE! We are trying to put a system in place so we can move the party outdoors this spring and do dirt/grass track fixed gear races! Start thinking about picking up a cheap track bike before March rolls around and put some cross tire on that baby!

So, for the sake of ease and convenience, pay the ten bucks online, waltz in at 4:55 and wait for your name to be called. There is an option to buy a season pass of eight events for the price of seven making your experience as carefree as possible!

We will have the 43cm kids’ bikes set up and will let the little ones get their sprint on from 4:30-5:00. These bikes are appropriate for most kids ages 8-12. The kids rides are FREE and we have Savage Sprints tee shirts for all participants while supplies last. One shirt per kid please!

The format for the tournaments is as follows: We start the evening with a time trial. Yes, two riders will go at the same time, but they are not racing each other. We will advance the fastest 16 women and fastest 16 men into a single elimination bracket. So, it is possible to “lose” to your time trial mate on your first ride and still make the sweet 16, just as it is possible to “win” your first ride and be eliminated. We record your time for every ride and your best time through the series of eight events will go toward your qualification for the Championship event on February 19th.

In our attempt to provide an exciting and fun show for our spectators we are going to try to keep the events moving along so please be ready to go when your name is called. We’d like to have each event wrapped up by about 7:30 so out-of-towners and folks with kids can get home at a decent hour.

For more info on what to expect check out our FAQ page put together by Vince Gee and Steve McClelland.

And here is a really cool video montage courtesy of Bobby Gee.

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