Jan 14

Race Stats: Womens Standings after Hot Italian on January 9th, 2011

Savage Sprints Women’s Standings after Hot Italian v1.0
by Dean Alleger on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 11:45 p.m.
Remember the fastest 20 women over the first five races are guaranteed entry to the championships on Mach 20th.

Also, at the championships, there will be extra participation prizes if we get a full bracket of 16 women presented by Tricia Hedahl – Executive Director of SABA!

1st) 10.777 Emily Kachorek
2nd) 10.874 Sarah Maile
3rd) 10.879 Stace Cooper
4th) 11.070 Carrie Lo
5th) 11.109 Carol Irving
6th) 11.304 June Nguyen
7th) 11.383 Katie Stonebraker
8th) 11.526 Yuko Suneoka
9th) 11.564 Andrea Lepore
10th) 11.612 Tricia Hedahl
11th) 11.976 Sophia Tedeschi
12th) 12.628 Cayla Jo McDonell
13th) 12.852 Marianne Hernandez
14th) 12.947 Heather Nielson
15th) 13.150 Sherri Lehman

Photo by Rik Keller, rikkeller.com.

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