Apr 01

Photos from Savage Sprints at Hot Italian v5.0

As usual, the paparazzi were out in full force at the most recent Savage Sprints. Here is a list of the photos that we know of online. Please leave a comment below or tedrop us a line if you know about others.

Jeff Namba (not pictured) is a Sacramento-area amateur photographer who has graciously shared all of his Savage Sprints documentation as his part in the Sacramento Valley Velodrome project’s efforts. He has a knack for capturing the athletes at the perfect moment to show the true pain or elation that they’re experiencing. Jeff’s been to a majority of the sprint events and can also be seen clicking away at road and cyclo-cross races all over California. Here’s his entire Facebook set (worth looking at!) Jeff offers high resolution versions of his shots on his Savage Sprints Roller Racing v.5 Flikr Set and his previous Savage Sprints events on Flikr too.

Rik Keller (supposedley pictured) of Rik Keller Photography has an artsy take on the night and has been at nearly every event so far. His spirit at the Savage Sprints events is second-to-none. He has raced at every event he’s attended and has been known to show up in costume. In fact Rick supplied the majority of the costumes last year that resulted in so many memorable snap-shots. Rick likes to get a different look from each night at the races and will process his shots accordingly. Look for his other Savage Sprints events too along with the multitude of Sacramento-region events he shoots regularly. More Keller from the night we know as 5.0 can be seen here (on his Facebook page.) Give a thanks to Rik the next time you see him at a bike race nearby.

Carrie Lo, an advisor on the Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association’s board, is always the first online to share her snapshots-often only hours after the event. How she does it is a mystery: She races at each event (and qualified for the championships) and then apparently races home to post. Carrie is a regular on the north river ride, and can be seen training right along the men at the front of the group. Here are 45 of the best from v5.0 on her photo album on Facebook. (While you’re there, check out her previous Savage Sprints album too.) Note: You don’t have to be Carrie’s FB friend to view, but I strongly encourage it. That’s not a fake smile. She’ll be your real friend too.

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