Apr 11

Interview of Carlos Josa with Stantec Architectural Design

By: Heather Nielson
Stantec is a global architectural company based in Canada. They started in the mid 1950’s and strive to remain one of the top 10 global design firms. Carlos F. Josa is an associate working out of their Sacramento office. Dean Alleger put me in touch with Carlos for an interview as Carlos had taken the initiative earlier in the year in contacting Dean in an effort to help support the goal of getting a velodrome in the Sacramento area. They have offices all over the North American continent and have projects worldwide including Dubai, Singapore, US, Canada & the Caribbean. Carlos indicated that the company is passing 15,000 employees worldwide. Stantec does design, engineering and coordinates construction efforts. Carlos has been with Stantec since 2001. He enjoys the opportunity to travel to Canada while working for Stantec.
Carlos has been a cyclist long before he was an architect. His face lit up during the interview while he was naming those racers he followed in the 1970’s and 80’s. He’s been to the the Hellyer Park Velodrome located in San Jose California but primarily participates in road racing because of the long distance necessary to travel from Sacramento to San Jose. He exclaimed that ‘in the back of my head and in my heart there’s always been a soft place for track racing. It’s the purest form of bike racing. There’s no hiding.’ In September of 2011, he read an article in the Sacramento Bee about the velodrome campaign and the possibility of one being built here in Sacramento. He immediately contacted Steve Rex and introduced himself as part of Stantec Architecture. He told Steve that Stantec had worked on at least half the projects for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics; and that they have extensive experience in designing sporting venues. Carlos offered his and his company’s resources to help generate some public interest and movement behind the Sacramento Velodrome Campaign.
His excitement was obvious when he exclaimed that it was his ‘chance to marry the two things that I love and am passionate about.’
Steve put Carlos in touch with Dean to talk about donating some time in putting some drawings together. Alleger talked about the SUPERDROME in Frisco Texas to model after plus some of his other specifications and Carlos immediately put together some drawings.
One of the most attractive things about having Stantec involved in the fulfillment of the velodrome campaign is the fact that the firm is a leader in sustainable designs and in utilizing LEED[i]: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED consists of a standardized rating system for the design, construction and operation of both commercial and residential buildings as high performance green architecture. Carlos said that it’s basically a way to lessen the carbon footprint and that a velodrome is a great way to incorporate alternative sources of energy like solar, which is very feasible. Carlos stressed that although the general public believes that building green is more expensive, it’s actually not, depending on how it is designed and incorporated. Stantec is a leader in LEED construction and is at this point, almost completely 100% LEED as that is one of their main goals. The company is even working on going paperless. He said that generally speaking, Stantec can build a facility that is LEED applicable and still be within a normal project budget.
As far as the velodrome campaign goes, the next immediate steps include finalizing the general concept and getting approval from the city council; then generating full scale construction documents and then finally submitting them to the city for permit approval so construction can begin.

[i] http://www.usgbc.org/

Mar 09

Savage Sprints finale and Alleger’s plan for the future

By: Heather Nielson

In January of 2011, Dean Alleger started his first series of Savage Sprints roller racing. His hope was that it would bring awareness to the Sacramento Valley Velodrome Project. They ran on alternating Sundays and totaled 6 events. He has held them at The Hot Italian on 16th and Q in midtown Sacramento California. There were sometimes wall to wall spectators from two-wheeled athletes to many other athletes aside from track racing. It garnered so much attention from passers-by that several people were inspired to participate in their first bicycle competition; albeit on stationary track bikes on top of rollers with the front fork affixed. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 01

Artists Rendering from Stantec

An image of the sacramento valley velodrome with blue skies and green grassOur friend Carlos Josa at Stantec set us up with some beautiful architectural renderings of our proposed velodrome at Granite Regional Park site. Look for a story in the next week or two about Carlos and Stantec! We will have an information booth at the North American Handmade Bike Show this weekend so be sure to drop by and say “hey!”

Feb 23

Our Current Board of Directors

It seems there is some confusion regarding who is on our Board of Directors. So here you go:

Dean Alleger (Chief Executive Officer) founded SVVA and is a Level II USA Cycling certified coach, competitive track cyclist and mechanic for Rex Cycles Handmade Bikes. During the 2010 track season, Dean earned two first place finishes and one second place. He is also CEO of Savage Sprints, a cycling training program.

Kevin Hedahl (Controller) is a Senior Accountant at the American Red Cross and previously worked Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 18

Alleger’s Vision of the Sacramento Velodrome

An image of far grand stands to Jumbotron
By: Heather Nielson

Since Dean Alleger started his aggressive campaign to get a velodrome built in the Sacramento area, he has often been asked what kind of velodrome it’s going to be: Velodromes can be indoor or outdoor. The advantage of having an outdoor one, like the Hellyer Park Velodrome located in San Jose California, is its’ lower cost of maintenance. Indoor velodromes like the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Carson California, require exorbitant funds for climate control. One estimation puts its’ monthly climate control costs at $30,000. The disadvantage of having an outdoor track is of course exposure to the environment. Since it’s not being climate controlled, the materials that it’s constructed out of need to meet more robust standards. Additionally, when making the decision about whether to build a track outdoor or indoor, the local yearly weather averages need to be considered. A track made out of soft pinewood would not only be too soft and are known to break easily but will also be more susceptible to weathering. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

Trivia in a tat

Mansker's tatooTrivia: Solid Savage Sprints supporter, Kevin Mansker has driven from Southern Cal with little sleep and then drove back again after a few sprints at Hot Italian. What molecule is permanently tattooed on this Olympic hopeful’s shin?

Feb 09

Sprint finals at Savage Sprints 2.7 (videos)

Version 2.7 of Savage Sprints was a huge success with a small but extremely loud crowd. Watch Hot Italian worker bee and sprint regular, Autumn Hardy post against Missy Erickson of Team Badass.

Kevin Mansker showed up with his game-face on, but Nick Oliver’s no stranger to winning sprints. Watch the men’s final as the winner sets a new “track” record.

Feb 05

Sac Bee’s McManus visits sprints

Hot ItalianScores of hard-bodied types adorned either in clingy Lycra or bike-messenger-casual came to Hot Italian, the sopraffino Italian bistro in midtown Sacramento, not to consume calories but to burn them.

Knock yourselves out, guys. I’ll just sit here eating pizza and watching you sweat and strain and contort your faces into a rictus of pain astride stationary bicycles. Hey, pass the red pepper oil, will ya?

So says Sacramento Bee columnist, Sam McManis who visited the latest installment of Savage Sprints to take in the throngs of sweaty bodies and “sequoia-quad sprinters” for his column in the Sacramento Bee.

Read the full Sac Bee.com article to learn more about Dino, “running the show, acting like a ringmaster and looking like the coolest middle-school gym teacher ever.”

Jan 30

Wild crowds, big donations at sprint event

Kevin Mansker and David Mann

Mansker prepares to square off against David Mann

Version 2.7 of Savage Sprints at Hot Italian proved to be a fund-raising boon despite the small but enthusiastic crowds. Bill Nicely, the president of Stevens Bicycles p/b Pactimo, showed up to race and support the likes of Heather Lipana. But he started off the event by giving a pledge of $100 toward the Velodrome’s Capitol fund for every sub-8-second race. And this on a night that Project London 2012 team member and Olympic hopeful, Kevin Mansker was in town to prove his mettle. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 14

739 OTHER reasons to come to Savage Sprints

Don’t want to race a fixed gear track bike all-out on rollers this Sunday? Absolutely hate to try delectable trend-setting pizza and mouth watering gelato? Can’t stand to be around a wild group of rebel-rousers cheering on their favorite athlete? Here are 739 other reasons (try to pick them out in the video) to come to Hot Italian for Savage Sprints on November 20th at 5 pm. Now, openly admit that you enjoy watching a little friendly competition to help raise awareness and funds for the development of a world-class velodrome in Sacramento? Secretly harbor a desire to try your gams against another local-area wanna-be? Just looking for a bit of free entertainment and great eats this Sunday? Watch the video anyway, then drop on by TimeYourRace.com to reserve your spot to race or just stop in Hot Italian to have some Pizza and beer and enjoy the show.

Now, for your viewing pleasure…the first 5 Savage Sprints events from 2011.

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