Feb 18

On Firmer Ground at Granite Regional Park

Greetings Race Fans!!!

We have gained quite a bit of momentum in the last few months and, although many details have to be worked out with several different community and government groups, we are confident in announcing that we are moving forward with plans to build at Granite Regional Park.

We recently had a very productive meeting with City Parks Director Jim Combs, City Councilmen Kevin McCarty, our friends at Stantec, and onsite Developer Dain Domich. In that meeting we identified the available space as the plot of land just east of the skate park. Also, we have begun to reach out to the Power Inn Alliance and looking forward to becoming a vibrant member of their community.

Thanks for your continued interest in our little project. We are super excited to be moving forward with plans to build a velodrome in Granite Regional Park. One more pic of yours truly at the gateway into our proposed velodrome site. If you are interested in following our daily social media jibber-jabber please *like* our Facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter.

Until next time…

Let’s get on track!!!

~Dean Alleger, Executive Director

Ariel View

The proposed spot is just east of the skate bowls

view from the south east corner

Looking down into the dog park and skate bowls from the 14th Avenue entrance

Skate Park

There is a great opportunity for crossover between skating track racing

"The Berm" complete with PG&E tower

This PG&E tower is at the east end of the dog and skate parking lot.

View of The Berm from the soccer field

The proposed site of our velodrome is just beyond the soccer field and to the left of the PG&E tower.

Northwest facing view of the proposedspot

This pic is taken from where 14th Avenue dead-ends into an empty field

82nd Street and 14th Avenue

The southern boarder of the proposed spot potentially has plenty of room for overflow parking

Courthouse Parking Lot

This lot is appears to be open to park users on nights and weekends

Yours truly

At the Ramona Avenue entrance to the proposed home of Sacramento track racing

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  1. Michael J Sullivan

    I would like to become more involved with making this velodrome a reality in the Sacramento Valley soon. Please let me know what assistance I can be on this project. I can be contacted at the above email address or at (916) 718-1755. Hope to hear from you soon,



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