Feb 26

North American Handmade Bike Show Friday WARNING: TRACK BIKE FEVER

From our man on the inside of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Sharon Mandell…


In this first batch you have Speedwagen, Geekhouse, Vanilla, Samurai Bike Works/Annoura, Moth Attack, Vincent Dominguez, Mosaic, Don Walker, Vendetta & Dean. You’ll notice these are all track bikes. Plus a pic of the original six…Calfee, Sachs, White, DeSalvo, Crumpton, and Walker.

Had a fun day. Got to chat with Andy Hampsten, Dario Pegoretti, and Craig Calfee about what he’s doing training guys in Africa to build bamboo bikes. Also enjoyed Vincent Dominguez who has a Japanese phrase on his track bike…translating to “Super Happy Fun Time” – which is what he says riding on the track is. I haven’t tried it, so don’t know. I just know I have a super happy fun time cheering you all on at Hellyer on Friday nights.


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