Feb 27

North American Handmade Bike Show Saturday – more track bikes & the Calfee fit

More from Sister Sharon, our roving reporter in Austin, TX for the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS):

Ran into Don Walker – who’s omnipresent here – in the Shamrock Cycles booth, while Tim O’Donnell and I were comparing our common Irish heritage. Tim thinks he’s descended from thieves, so probably a little more colorful than my family’s story :-). Don says to say hi, BTW. Gary Fisher was roaming around the much more crowded show floor too, outrageously clad and really showing folks what colorful is all about. And I got to practice my Italian again with Tiziano Zullo and his wife.

Coolest bike of the day goes to Cherubim. Not sure how I missed it the day before and would love to see it being ridden. Asked a few question of Shin-ichi Kanno, but my Japanese is much weaker than my novice Italian and his English was limited. He did get across that it’s very fast and has done well in the races it’s participated in, however.

In addition to pics of Don Walker & Tim O’Donnell, and Gary Fisher, you have two of the Zullos, a few of the Cherubim, a Panda and a Richard Sachs. We also went to listen to Craig Calfee show off his bike fitting machine and talk about fitting in general.

More tonight,

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