Jun 29

Mansker: How to crush it

Kevin Mansker

Kevin Mansker of Project London

So there’s this thing called the Google which turns into a spider that crawls on the interwebs for searching for hyperlinks or something, and it’s really quite amazing what you will come across. Project London posted an interview shortly after Kevin Mansker raced…ahem, won…no, crushed the Savage Sprints roller races at Hot Italian. The post titled Kevin Mansker Interview – How I Crush Rollers includes such Manskerisms as “I came, I saw, I crushed and less than 8 seconds later I was out the door,” and “Hah, [a] trucker hat would have been a great touch.”  The below video of Mansker racing one-legged was featured along with the post.

Thanks to THOR4LIFE144 for posting the video.

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