Jan 26

Just another cyclist.com interviews Executive Director, Alleger

Ross Del Duca of justanothercyclist.com continues to keep his readership up to date on the progress of the Sacramento Valley Velodrome project. In an interview with S.V.V.A. Executive Director Dean Alleger titled “Will track racing finally find a home in Sacramento?” and posted today, Del Duca digs for differences between the current effort to bring a velodrome to the Sacramento area and efforts of the past. He asks specifically about a 2002 effort to build a track at Mather field that apparently ended in at the feasibility study.

Hellyer quote“Instead of trying to get a bunch of people at the top, to build the pyramid down, I’m trying to build an association with several hundred volunteers and racers and build the thing from the bottom up so that we can start running juniors programs, kids events, community stuff and be able to attrract the base that we need to keep it going,” said Alleger.

Alleger’s commitment to the development of the sport along with the velodrome project is evident throughout the interview. He mentions one of his favorite mantras: the “pipeline” of cyclists that we need to create and maintain in order to develop Olympic and World Cup-level athletes.
LA kid quote
“America’s full of great talent, they just don’t – there’s no pipeline. USA Cycling looks at results from kids across the country, and then they go with the kids, rather than getting hundreds of kids in the ten to twelve year old range to come through and have the ones that take to it or have the motivation to carry on,” said Alleger in the interview.

He also talks about how the average person can get involved in the project, mentioning the 6 roller races taking place at the midtown eatery, Hot Italian on 16th and Q. “It’s highly addictive, says Alleger, “And the track racing is the same.”

There are 4 more roller races scheduled from 4-9 PM on February 6th and 20th, and March 6th and 20th.

You can read the whole interview at just another cyclist.com.

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