Feb 26

Introducing Heath Langle, President of the Board

Heath Langle has agreed to step up and become the President of our Board of Directors! As we begin to grow our company we decided it would be best to split our operations into two branches. Our Board of Directors will be guided by President Langle and I’ll continue with our day to day operations as Executive Director.

Our newly appointed President, Heath Langle

Heath’s experience, both personal and professional, will provide a unique skill set to our effort to build a velodrome in Sacramento. Heath is a cycling enthusiast and member of the Sacramento Golden Wheelmen Bicycle Racing Team. He is also an attorney.  The past five years his legal career has been focused on the litigation of complex medical malpractice defense cases.  As a civil litigation attorney, he also has broad experience in many different areas of practice, and can address each effectively.

More specifically the legal skills he brings to our Board include addressing issues regarding liability, contracting, business formation and maintenance, and litigation.  Additionally, as former general counsel for a healthcare consulting firm he negotiated multi-million dollar agreements and helped facilitate complex mergers and acquisitions.  Bottom line is Heath knows how to get things done and has the skills and relationships to make that happen.

On a personal note, Heath is a resident of East Sacramento and frequents the American River Bike trail. Having been a part of the Sacramento cycling community for a number of years, but not feeling he had given back enough, he recently decided to devote a large portion of time to cycling and cycling related issues.  His goal is to educate both cyclists and motorists of the legal issues regarding safer cycling and our velodrome will be the perfect venue for these types of activities.

As I enter into my eighth year of working to bring velodrome riding and racing to Sacramento, I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to finally have competent, passionate, and professional leadership at the top of our organization. Yes I did my homework, and yes I laid the foundation for a successful operation, and yes we have a working agreement with the City to move forward at Granite Regional Park,  but as we transition into our initial fundraising and then eventually an aggressive capital campaign, we can all rest easy knowing we have proper legal and altruistic vision at the top end of our effort.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Let’s get on track!!! ~Dino

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  1. Michael Williams

    Welcome aboard Heath!

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