Sep 09

Hello again! Did you miss us?

Hello Race Fans!

Sorry to give the appearance of our project stalling out but rest assured we are, and have been, on task. It took us 28 months to finally receive our 501c3 staus from the IRS.

We are currently trying to arrange a meeting with the following groups that have shown an interest in pursuing our project out at Granite Regional Park…

Dain Domich
Partner – Separovich/Domich Real Estate Development

Scott Wolcott
VP – Granite Land Company

Jim Combs
Director Parks and Recreation, City of Sacramento
Mary de Beauvieres
Principal Planner – Park Planning and Development Services

Kevin McCarty – Councilmember District 6
Maria Alvarez – District Director

Stantec – design and consulting services in planning, engineering,
architecture, surveying, and project management.

So far it appears we have created the perfect storm…stay tuned.


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  1. Mike Sullivan

    Hi Dino,
    I have recently heard about your great idea for a velodrome in Sacramento! I am very interested in contributing where I can to help get this project off the ground! I think that this is something long past due and would like to see it functional soon.
    If organized soccer can do it in Sacramento, so can we cycling enthusiasts!
    Please keep in touch and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help the cycling cause.

    Mike Sullivan
    (916) 718-1755.

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