Jul 13

SVVA’s CEO meets with Wolcott, presses for Granite Park

Granite Park sign

The possible new site of Sacramento's next velodrome?

The Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association announced a major step forward in the development of a track venue in Sacramento this week.  Executive Director and CEO, Dean Alleger walked into a meeting with Scott Wolcott, the President of Granite Land Company regarding the possibility of building a velodrome at Granite Regional Park.  He walked out confident and elated.

It seems, Wolcott had invited Dain Domich and Sally Freedlander of Separovich/Domich Real Estate Development to the meeting where Alleger gave a bit of background on his velodrome efforts to date.  He included his background in track racing, the organization’s drive for non-profit status, and the association’s desire to create a grass-roots, world-class velodrome in the Sacramento valley.  

The artificial turf field

The artificial turf multi-use field

“Mr. Wolcott gave his blessing and seemed to give the nod to Mr. Domich to make this happen,” said Alleger. “He stopped me in the hallway and congratulated me on my efforts.”

The meeting was facilitated through the efforts of staunch SVVA supporter, Steve Rex of Rex Cycles who arranged for Alleger to meet Wolcott as an early step to constructing the Sacramento area’s first velodrome in more than 60 years. The next step will be for Alleger to report back to the Association’s Board of Directors in August to ask them to move forward with this project.

“I also asked Mr. Domich what he would like to see from me when we meet next,” added Alleger, “and he said, ‘You’re already doing it. Just keep on going.'”

Also on the agenda for the SVVA’s next board meeting is the press release and kickoff of the first phase of the “Capital Campaign,” a fund-raising effort which hopes to raise $100,000 for the project by attracting 100 donors at $1,000 each. Additionally, the board will be discussing the possibility of adding Assistant Sports Director of BMC Pro Cycling Team, Michael Sayers to the board of directors. Sayers, 41, is a Sacramento native who raced professionally for BMC and on the 2002-3 U.S. World Championship road teams.

Skate Park

The existing skate facility at the park

Granite Park is located at 8200 Ramona Avenue (off Power Inn Road south of Interstate 50.) According to the Parks and Recreation Department’s web site, Granite Construction Company turned the land over to the City of Sacramento after mining the site. The local development firms of Separovich-Domich, Panattoni Construction, and Granite Construction Company, purchased back some of the site for office buildings, which are now nearing completion. In return, the developers are paying City fees that will fund park improvements.

“It appears to be the perfect private-public partnership,” said Alleger.

The park’s master plan, available on the web site, currently includes soccer fields, an artificial turf sports field, a dog park and skateboard park. The SVVA feels this would be an ideal location for a velodrome because of its proximity to the American River bike trail.

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