1. Where will the velodrome be?
The location has not yet been determined. But it’s been narrowed down to a few locations in the Sacramento area.

2. When will it start construction and be finished?
Several designs for the velodrome and bike park are being considered, but cannot be chosen until the location is finalized.

3. What material will the track be made of?
Both wood and cement tracks are being considered. We’re researching the benefits of both materials and will select the one that offers the best options for a high quality track for the venue chosen, cost effectiveness, and longevity.

4. Will it be available to all ages and levels of racers?
The Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association is dedicated to creating a venue that is open to all levels and ages of racers, from beginners who may need to rent a bike, to professionals, and everyone in between.

5. How often will events/races be held there?
There is generally enough demand and activities for a facility such as ours to be open seven days a week for a variety of events. Some days there will be classes and training, and on others there will be local and regional races scheduled.

6. Will there be just local racing (NCNCA), or collegiate and national events as well?
The SVVA plans to have a facility that can host virtually any level of racing from local, and NCNCA events, to collegiate and national events.