Cyclecross and Mountain Bike Skills Course

Cyclocross is best described as riding a bicycle through an off-road obstacle course. It is the only cycling discipline to recently eclipse the rapid growth of BMX Super Cross racing. It requires riders to twist and wind through narrow pathways to overcome obstacles that require the rider to dismount and remount the bicycle on the fly.

This exciting form of racing is spectator friendly as it takes place on a relatively short, viewable course with races lasting usually less than an hour. The cyclocross season runs during the fall and winter, which means the bicycle park will have year-round demand. 

race track

Mountain Biking in our own Backyard

Mountain biking is arguably one of the most enjoyable disciplines of cycling. It is similar to going out for a hike in the woods but on a bicycle. The real challenge to mountain biking is accessibility. In the local Sacramento area, all off-road areas are banned to bicycles. This means local cyclists either ride in restricted areas or have to travel outside the city to find accessible areas to ride.

Whether it’s recreational or competitive mountain biking, riders require certain skills. A rider needs to be able to ride over obstacles, handle a banked corner, or anticipate sudden changes in terrain. These skills can be hard to acquire with such limited access to off-road terrain within the city limits.

A skills park is ideal for introducing newcomers to the sport of mountain biking in a controlled environment. The skills park also allows the dedicated recreational or competitive rider to hone their skills.

Make history and bring cyclocross and a mountain biking skills course to Sacramento! Donate to the Sacramento Bicycle Park now.